Message from Pierre-Luc Vogel, 2019 CNUE President

Not surprisingly, 2019 will be a year of European transition, with institutions renewed by the vote. A new Parliament, a new college of Commissioners will write a new page in the history of our Europe.

A Europe that protects is a Europe that needs its notaries. This is why we, public office-holders, delegates of public authority, present in 22 of the 28 countries of the European Union, in constant contact with our fellow citizens and their concerns, are legitimate to formulate proposals to the newly elected European representatives.
We, the notaries and member notariats of the CNUE, will put forward ideas and suggestions for economic development, social justice, individual peace and the development of our system of continental law. Thus, with our proposals, we will commit to contributing to the reflection of the future European legislator, through a pragmatic and realistic approach. Our European bodies must support continental law and defend our specificity and the notarial model. This notarial model is the tool of a modern State, a State that is always present but never burdensome. Serving the State and its citizens is at the heart of our profession as notaries, as an essential intermediary between the law and those to whom it applies.

The year 2019 will also mark the entry into force of the two European regulations on matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships. The notariat as a whole must rise to this challenge. Our European colleagues will have to be trained in order to be able to apply these new regulations perfectly, in the same way as for the regulation on successions, which has been a success since 2015. The CNUE’s Training III programme is part of this framework.

Finally, 2019 will be marked by two events for the CNUE: publication of property prices in several major European cities and an exhibition at the European Parliament. The latter will take place in November 2019 and will enable the profession to demonstrate that, from the past to the present and even more so in the future, Europe needs its notaries. Through presentations of historical authentic instruments from the archives of each of our notariats, but also demonstrations aimed at highlighting the digital advances of the profession, this exhibition will enable us to make ourselves better known to the newly elected European representatives.

I want a European notariat, which develops around common values and objectives, a notariat that is united, successful, constructive and communicative. A notariat that fully takes its place in the construction of Europe.